Tips for Maintaining a Beautiful Rose Garden

rose gardenOnce you’ve planted your roses in your garden, you’ll need to perform certain tasks in order to ensure that these fragrant, lovely and classical blooms grow well and look their very best. In order to help you discover the secret of how to grow and maintain the ultimate rose garden, which fills you with joy and pride each time that you look at it (and each time that you “smell the roses”!), we’ve created a practical quick guide.


How to Water Your Flowers

Your roses will require regular watering during the hot-weather months. Expect to water your blooms every few days if it hasn’t rained lately. Irrigate at ground level and avoid sprinklers which deliver water from above, as this type of spray may damage the delicate leaves of your velvety-soft blossoms.

In addition, don’t get leaves wet as you water, as doing so may leave your roses ripe for diseases. So as to ensure great results, water in the early a.m., rather than in the evening. Professional growers and wholesalers recommend early morning watering, as night-time watering leaves roses prone to developing diseases…

How to Fertilize Your Flowers

Use a garden fertilizer that is designed to be safe for roses. Usually, fertilizer is added to the bases of rose bushes once their winter covers are taken off. So, fertilize at the first spring thaw and then do so again in the beginning of July, when your flowers begin to bloom. Fertilize a third time at the start of August. This should be all that you need to do in order to ensure that your roses get the fertilization that they need.

How to Prune Your Flowers

rosesRoses which have grown rather high (more than twenty-four inches in height) should be pruned. Never let your roses exceed a height of twenty-four inches. Certain forms of rose bushes, including Floribunda types and Hybrid Tea types, will benefit from pruning during the end of April, once their buds have begun to develop. Prune right above the bud for best results.

Take Time to Smell the Roses

Once you’ve mastered the art and science of maintaining your rose garden, you’ll find that you’re able to grow blossoms which are healthy, stronger and longer-lasting. This will give you more time to smell the roses and to enjoy the beauty of what you’ve created. While taking care of roses requires some skill and know-how, it’s something that any motivated gardener can master, and it’s just so fulfilling.

To learn more, read up on your specific types of roses. For example, if you’re growing Hybrid Tea roses, look for online resources which specify important information about these types of flowers. By studying each type of rose that you grow, you’ll become a rose gardener extraordinaire.

Your rose garden will add so much value to your life, and it will become a wonderful sanctuary, which is filled with sensuous fragrances, gorgeous blooms and long, elegant stems. Whether you grow only roses or add rose bushes to a range of other plant life, you’ll find that growing these timeless symbols of love and beauty is a worthwhile pursuit.