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The joy of gardening

There is a reason why gardening is considered to be the most popular hobby on the planet, enjoyed by billions and billions of people all over the globe.

No longer are we in our modern society required to farm for our food in quite the same way that our ancestors did, but we haven’t lost touch with our “green thumb” either. Regardless of whether or not you are looking to create a vegetable garden, a flower garden, or just want to spend a bit of time tidying up your yard makes little difference – the joy of gardening can be enjoyed by absolutely everyone of all ages and skill levels!

Fresh, locally sourced food

images (8)There is a very real and serious movement towards fresh, locally sourced food today – and it doesn’t get much fresher or more local than growing your own food in your backyard!

If you have ever had the opportunity to grow vegetables, fruits, herbs, and other edible sources of food in your own garden you know the joy there is in harvesting all of that hard work – a sensation only surpassed by having the opportunity to share those fresh foods with those closest to you at your own table.

A perfect teaching opportunity

Children are growing up in an increasingly digital world, and many of them have absolutely no opportunity whatsoever to learn about where food comes from, how to work the land with their own hands, or the difference between proper food selection and just grabbing something easy and convenient.

By taking the time out to begin gardening – and especially by gardening with your little ones – you’re going to have the chance to really in part some lifelong information and knowledge that can pay dividends for generations and generations to come.

Beautifies the backyard and provides real relaxation

There are fewer things more beautiful than stepping out into a well landscaped area, a little piece of the outdoors that you have spent a considerable amount of time beautifying and cultivating all on your own. Gardening allows you to pick and choose the kinds of flowers, plants, and other landscaping elements that you would like your little piece of land to have – controlling the entire ecosystem all the way down to the nutrients in the soil if you want to get that granular.

As you can see, gardening affords a number of big benefits – so get out there and try it today!