Four Tips For Growing A Green Garden In The Middle Of An Urban Area

The tension between the cities and the country has been one that’s been explored in everything from political treatises to poetry. William Wordsworth, the great Romantic poet, was a great proponent of living amidst the grandeur of nature, and famously wrote that “The world is too much with us”—a statement anyone living amidst the smog and cement of a modern urban Wordsworthian nightmare can identify with.

urban gardeningIt can be a real challenge to grow something green and wonderful in the midst of a cityscape, which is why we’re providing these four tips for gardeners living in city areas!

  1. EARTH: To begin with, if you’re planting your garden in the soil of your own backyard, you’re going to want to check the chemical composition of the soil first. Supplies for this may be found at your nearest gardening or home improvement store. City areas can feature trace elements of pollutants in the soil, and while this isn’t likely to be anywhere near serious to seriously harm your plants or make them toxic, this can still hinder their growth. You may therefore also wish to consider buying your own soil or re-sodding your backyard.
  2. WIND: “The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind. So sayeth Bob Dylan, and when you’re living in an urban area, the answer to the question “Why are my plants wilting?” can potentially be answered by Dylan’s “answer.” It’s no secret that airborne pollution is a big problem in major metro areas such as New York, LA, Chicago and Detroit. As such, you’re going to want to do your best to shelter your plants from these harmful pollutants if possible.
  3. WATER: A water purification system can do wonders in an urban area—not just for the health and safety of your plants, but for you and your family as well. There are a wide variety of different units that can be purchased from various outlet stores, and you’re certainly going to want to make sure your water is pollutant-free, whether you’re watering your petunias or pouring a glass of water for yourself.
  4. FIRE: If you live in an area that’s scorching-hot, such as the aforementioned Greater Los Angeles area, you’re going to want to invest in some blinds or shades for your garden area in order to protect them from an over-abundance of sunlight and heat.